We have several options available for your visit to Amsterdam!

Why not book a 2 day self-guided GPS tour? Explore the historic city of Amsterdam 1 day and the other day, go for a scenic country bike ride.

Our GPS tours are affordable and fun as you navigate through the city, polders, canals and dikes independently. You will be given an information sheet for places to stop along the way.

Price: 160*

*Includes: GPS with a pre-programmed route, bicycle mount, bike hire for 2 persons, information sheet, maps, charger & spare batteries, pump & repair kit, in person instructions on how to use the GPS and all taxes & service charges.

Visit Amsterdam by Bike or even Foot! City tours of Amsterdam are available as a private tour only. Whether you would like to cycle through the city or discover the city by a walking tour, we can arrange this for you.

200 for a 1/2 Day Private Tour

€300 for a 1 Day Private Tour